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[21st July 2014]: Girl Effect Event

Dresd to raise awareness... "Women Only"... get the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a young Ethiopian girl for 4 minutes in this interactive theatre set built by Dresd. Starting in a school classroom, 3 girls at a time experience a walk through a maze which maps out some of the experiences that young Ethiopian women experience in a poverty stricken environment such as no education, child marriage and abandonment.

Dresd set the scene by building a mini Ethiopian village with 3 mazes attached to the classroom, culminated by a tree of friendship showing 3 very different lives within the same village.

The team of organisers for this love interactive event were the charity Punchdrunk, Sunshine, Chappell and 11events alongside Dresd.

Girl Effect
Girl Effect

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU from everyone at the Girl Effect team to you, for your time, enthusiasm, energy and passion at the first ever Girl Effect Live event last Sunday.

The immersive experience was definitely one of the major highlights of the day, it was such a compelling and authentic experience that really brought people closer to issues that face millions of girls living in poverty.

The event was a big moment for us, the first time we've ever gone out publicly to speak to young people, especially young girls in the 'connected' world, to learn and be inspired about the potential for girls living in poverty around the world. The response we have received has far exceeded our expectations and has contributed towards the huge success of the Girl Summit which led to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of investment in girls and multiple pledges to end child marriage and FGM around the world.

Your part in the Girl Effect movement was invaluable and for that we are super thankful.

Please stay in touch with what happens at girleffect.org and hopefully we can do something together again in the future.


[27th June 2014]: The Knowledge e-Guide to eco-friendly filming

The Knowledge's guide to sustainability in the film and TV industry. Find us on page 7.

[17th June 2014]: Ethical Awards 2014

Once again Dresd has dazzled Colin Firth with their ethical set build at this year's Ethical Awards; one of Britain's most sustainably produced events. Dresd not only built the stage set out of film set waste, but set the scene in supplying luxury seating, wild flowers and the trophy awards for the event. It was a successful evening, 320 guests enjoyed an evening of ethical entertainment.

Observer Ethical Awards
Observer Ethical Awards

[28th May 2014]: Live Better Challenge

Our sustainable event design has often led to setting the scene for The Guardian newspaper's annual events and this year's 'Unilever Live Better Challenge Event' was no different.

Dresd's role in this challenge to young people to look at a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle was to create a sustainable event using waste materials. We set the scene for each of the topics using handmade visuals that were both creative, aesthetic and thought provoking.

The Live Better Challenge is based on three events throughout the year with six topics; event 3 is yet to be announced. Please see links for further information on the events held:

Food waste: children's gardening and cookery workshop – video

Children create artwork to learn about recycling - video

Children learn how to reduce energy consumption through theatre – video

Drèsd featured in Guardian Sustainable Business article

"Why don't we see climate change on our cinema and TV screens?"
There is a groundswell of sustainable production going on in TV and film, but are we still short of sustainability scriptwriters?
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Huckletree Coworking Space designed by Drèsd

See images of Huckletree's recycled workspace: View Gallery

Drèsd's Yard Sale featured in BAFTA's Newsletter

Drèsd, an organisation who recycle, repurpose and re-invent used film and TV sets ... View PDF newsletter

Drèsd recycling company re-uses movie props to furnish offices in Clerkenwell, London | Metro News

Walking into the workplace and finding Keanu Reeves behind your desk is, let's be honest, an unlikely Monday morning scenario. ... Read more on Metro News

Pinewood Studios

Drèsd's main office moves to Pinewood Studios

The month of March has provided another milestone for Dresd. Our main office is now at Pinewood Studios, the home of the British film industry where they make Bond films, the Pirates of the Caribbean and are now filming the latest of the Star Wars films.

Basing our main office at the home of the British film industry means we can clear Pinewood’s on-site productions efficiently and cost effectively to the benefit of the studio and individual production teams.

As well as repurposing for the broadcast industry, re-using materials for interior design and event dressing, the studio's local community also benefit from donations of perfectly useable items and raw materials, which otherwise would have gone to skip and ultimately landfill.

Live Better Challenge - Children's Day

Live Better Challenge Project

Drèsd are working with The Guardian and Unilever on the Live Better Challenge project, branding the event using up-cycled materials to create hand painted signage; look out for the Live Better Challenge workshops; this is a 7 month project for 2014. All materials used have been taken off various TV sets.

The One Show

Drèsd clear The One Show set

Repurposing at its best; Drèsd intends to reuse some of these materials of flats, seating and lighting for the 2014 Observer Ethical Awards of which the One Shows one and only Lucy Seigle is the founder and presenter ...

The Observer Ethical Awards is the perfect venue to show the full effect of re-purposing sets!

"Dresd cleared around 7.5 tons of set waste off the One Show"

40th Birthday Party

40th Birthday Party!

Dresd get ready to build a private 40th Birthday Party; using film set waste!

FGOL boardroom

FGOL engage in the Dresd repurpose concept

FGOL engage in the Dresd repurpose concept and order a unique boardroom table made from film set waste.

Being Eileen set

Dresd clear the comedy set of Being Eileen

95% of this set was donated to various charities. Now thats repurposing at its best!

Nice & Serious

Nice & Serious

Nice & Serious productions order their tailor made boardroom table made from the set of 47Ronin amazing!

EcoAge London

Sustainable office build for EcoAge London

Dresd are proud to announce the rebuild of the new offices in Hammersmith; a true sustainable set!

Ariana & The Rose go recycled for their new video

"Keen to look for low cost (financial and environmental) materials for a set build, designer Dáithí Magner worked with Dresd who were able to provide pre-loved flats for the Ariana & the Rose video shoot" ... Read more on Media Greenhouse

  • "An energetic, exciting company with heaps of talent and an amazing dedication to the environment." KT Tunstall
  • "Look no further than Drèsd." Livia Firth, Eco-Age