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[10th September 2015]: Dont miss this years FearFest in NDAC Chepstow, Wales

All built from film set waste by Drèsd.

[14th May 2015]: Drèsd. Prop Shop Now Open

Drèsd has built its first reclaim and salvage prop shop based at The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol. Comprised of two floors in a large tank house, the centre allows the film industry and other creative industries to hire and re-use props that have been reclaimed by Drèsd. Clients are now able to hire interesting props including furniture, architectural features, materials and flats; all stock is sustainably recovered from productions, for productions.

Address for our Prop Shop: Bottle Yard Studios, Whitchurch Lane, Bristol BS14 0BH

Dresd Prop Shop

[23rd April 2015]: Drèsd is finalist for the Buckinghamshire Business Awards, 2015

Drèsd have been announced as a finalist for the category of Best Business in the South Bucks and Chiltern district category. The awards ceremony will commence on the 16th June, 2015.

Wish us luck!

Buckinghamshire Business Awards, 2015

[19th February 2015]: Drèsd saves a recent production from landfill!

Drèsd has recently worked on a major clearance in Wales, saving materials from going into an estimated 200 skips.

Drèsd was able to repurpose up to 95% of the set, with a remarkable amount of reusable materials donated to local communities and made available to the film industry.

Key items are being stored, ready for the opening of the Drèsd prop house later this year.

Atlantis Set
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[30th January 2015]: Lynn McFarlane talks about recycling TV and film sets

Founder Lynn McFarlane talking about recycling TV and film sets on Radio Bristol. Listen to Lynn at 35 minutes into programme: http://bbc.in/1wAyFBi

[14th January 2015]: BAFTA Greening the Screen Event

We set the scene for BAFTA's annual Greening the Screen event.

The event consisted of a debate with a panel of experts discussing green issues facing the film and television industries. The stage for the event was sustainably set with reclaimed and repurposed film materials. The set included a cascade of the interior Russian submarine parts, a submarine trunk reused as a table and chairs manufactured by Drèsd created using submarine scaffolding from the film.

BAFTA Greening the Screen Event

[31st October 2014]: Drèsd sets the stage for Guardian Live

Guardian Live holds another of its series of live events; Drèsd sets the stage for the Russell Brand "Revolution" event.

Russell Brand Revolution event
Russell Brand Revolution event

[14th October 2014]: Drèsd supplies reclaimed wood to Yum Yum

Drèsd supplies reclaimed wood cut from Pinewood tree trunks taken from the woodlands management to supply for a new reception desk in the Yum Yum head office rebuild.

Drèsd has a massive bank of these materials for use in both soft and hard woods.

Yum Yum Restaurant Reception Desk

[16th September 2014]: Drèsd at London Fashion Week

This year's London Fashion Week celebrity launch was hosted by Stella McCartney, launching her new 2015 collection of clothing and accessories in partnership with Livia Firth's Green Carpet Challenge.

Stepping outside of the box and breaking away from the traditional catwalk shows Stella designed a space that was both fun and ethical.

Dresd was set the challenge of building a selection of spaces to show off Stella's new 2015 collection; this included a living forest, a magicians parlour, a 1960s photography studio and an artists studio, with the final build being a 1970s traditional retro pub. This sustainable build is one of Dresd's many sustainable builds using film and TV set waste.

Vogue Magazine: Stella Launches Green Carpet Collection

Daily Mail: Hollywood comes to London as Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore and Samuel L. Jackson attend Stella McCartney's Green Carpet Collection show at LFW

Eco-Age: The London 2014 Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collection Launch

[22nd July 2014]: Drèsd opens base at Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol

"Film set recycling company Drèsd has opened a new base at The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol in south-west England. The company specialises in recycling sets from film and TV productions, and the development marks the firm's first move beyond the south-east of England." View Article

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